copenhagen up close

let’s start the show.

ok i’ve just got off a 3 hours youtube marathon of bravo tv’s work of art – which is honestly a really interesting/ridiculous/self-indulgent show – just for the pure fact that art tends to be so subjective and artists and media-whoring tend to be things traditionally not discussed within the same sentence. i don’t know, the premise of that show strikes me as odd, but i’m drawn to the notion of the creative process and watching how these talented people pull off their creative visions.

this being said, i blame youtube for wasting away so much of my life. haha.

but work of art did make me think of something. namely, what connotes art? and what attracts me to pieces of work in a gallery? it’s been my thing, trying to figure out the psychology of beauty and attraction, i guess. then the question is also – can a layman create art? i mean, i like my photography, but does it connote art?


whatever it is, i’m presenting my own ‘art gallery’ here of my photography shots. and lets be “artistic” and self-indulgent with the naming shall we? =)


(realise how all the artpieces have like single-term names that seem to instantly make it uber-cool? lol)

lost in thought.

(taken inside the round tower, which is one cool public space)


can i just like color? otherwise titled the death of black and white.

(artsy names don’t have to make sense – but if your picture is the dullest of things and well.. just pretty, then you better give it a whimsical, long and nonsensical name. picture shot in tivoli gardens, which is a really pretty amusement park that i mistakenly paid money to enter, thinking it was some beautiful fantasmical garden. -_-)

picture of a picture of a picture.

(ahh.. confuse people as much as possible with repetition. haha. anyways, i love this shot, which was part of an exhibition of journalistic photos in one of the squares in copenhagen. what a beautiful portrait photography)

can i just like color, part II.

(of course, we need to use revisit themes and stuff)

 ahh that was fun. back to being an engineer now i suppose. lol.

    • endangeredsartorialist said:

      I visited Copenhagen about two weeks ago for the marathon! It’s such an awesome place that I so want to head back soon again! =)

      • Oh awesome, glad you liked it. I’m excited to go back for the summer :)

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